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Meals and Beverages

Freshly prepared - high protein - low sodium - No Added sugar

At Sky Life, we take pride in our delicious low sodium, high protein meals.  

All diets welcome. With 6 different diet choices, you're able to customize all of your meals for optimum recovery results and learn how to eat simple fresh healthy meals for your new lifestyle. 

Our diets are the following:





No sodium

Hearty Gains

We cater to all food allergies and dietary restrictions. After you book, you are sent a menu link and you are allowed to choose your food before arrival. If you choose to wait until arrival, you will order your food a day in advance for the following day.  All food is bought one to two days early. Meals are prepped and cooked on site. Every meal is cooked fresh daily! Our caregivers prepare the meals ensuring meal restrictions and cleanliness guidelines are met during the preparation of the meals!

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